Every Donation Tells A Story

Every item tells a story. Hear what past Boutique shoppers have said:

Grateful Owner
The pocket of a man’s sport coat that had been donated was found to contain lovely earrings that were identified as Venezuelan by a Boutique at the Rink volunteer. Following her assumption that the earrings had probably been purchased by a Bethlehem Steel Mining Department employee, she tracked down and ultimately returned them to their grateful owner, who was indeed the wife of a mining employee and was also a former Boutique volunteer.

As one of the volunteers was perusing some fine gold jewelry that had been donated, she gasped, “There’s my ring! It has been gone for over a month!” It turned out that the ring, easily identified by a unique inscription plus her name, had been given to her by her mother when she was 16. Evidently it had been mixed in with some costume jewelry she had donated to the Boutique.

Royal Connection
In 2011, the Boutique received a donation of more than 30 fancy hats –one woman’s entire hat collection – shortly after the Royal wedding of William and Kate.

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