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cancer survivor

Janice – Cancer Survivor.

The Boutique at the Rink brings the community together to aid cancer patients and their families through donations to the Cancer Support Community of the Greater Lehigh Valley, St. Luke’s Cancer Center, and St. Luke’s Hospice. Click here to learn more about how donations have benefited our community.

The event not only helps local cancer patients and local residents with cancer education and prevention, it helps families with limited needs and those just looking for a bargain. The many benefits of the Boutique at the Rink go far beyond support for cancer patients in the community.

It’s Eco-Friendly. The Boutique supports the community by recycling items that otherwise may be sent to landfills.

In cooperation with Giant food stores, a significant portion of the plastic bags from the sale are recycled into park benches throughout the Lehigh Valley.

Fun Fact:
The Boutique acquires many plastic bags that contain donated clothing, which are saved in huge bags supplied by the Giant food stores. These bags are taken to the Giant food stores in Bethlehem, which recycles them to create plastic park benches throughout the Lehigh Valley.

Operation Christmas Child is supported by the Boutique with the donation of shoe boxes to St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church in Bethlehem. The boxes are lovingly filled and decorated by church members and sent to many children around the world. The original program was started many years ago by Rev. Billy Graham.

It gives “Spring Cleaning” a whole new meaning. It’s true that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. You never know what you’ll find.

Fun Fact:
One man returned home from the Boutique and proudly showed his wife the new suit he’d just purchased, only to learn that it was actually his own suit, graciously (and silently) donated to the Boutique by his wife.

It’s a social gathering. Think of it as a shopper’s delight.

Fun Fact: Fur coats for a steal! Two friends come each year trying on fur coats, and having the time of their lives hunting for treasures. Both now have an extensive fur coat collection, almost all of them from the Boutique, where they were able to scoop them up for a steal. That collection came in handy when one of the friends got married in November – and all of the bridesmaids wore fur stoles from “the Boutique Collection”.

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